Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last day of class for the Fall Semester of 2012

Today was my last day of the fall semester. Today was not a good day at all.  I had two test and I fear I did poorly on both. My head was just not in it. So I am praying that with the revamp of my english research paper I am doing and my project I have to do as my final that it will knock her socks off to bring up my grade.

My College Algebra class, I am pretty sure I failed it. I have not done well on any of the quizzes or test. I don't know if it is because of the instructor or what. Once I take that exam and then find out my final grade, I praying that God is looking down on me and whispering to my instructor to pass me but if I fail then so be it.

I will just take this next semester to get tutored on everything and then pick a new instructor for the fall.

Now comes all the finals. I am taking tonight off from doing anything but putting a a piece of my project together. That is the only school related thing I am doing. Tomorrow will be a busy day with studying, taking our dog Bones to the vet for her kennel cough booster shot, and going to a parent -teacher conference for the oldest. I also have to swing by the school to support my fellow Political Science friends who are giving their senior seminar presentations and then go back to school for my visit with the writing center.

I will say that this term has definitely blessed me with some new friends that I will treasure. Well I need to finish up a few little tasks on the computer and then it will be time to cuddle with the hubby and watch NCIS.

Have a blessed night everyone.

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