Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick update...

I have two days of school left. Then I have exams.  Plus I have  a stinkin' cold. :( So I am not feeling all that cheery right now. We haven't put up our tree yet, and probably won't till closer to Christmas since we really do not feel like having it up for a long time.

I am in the middle of working on a project for my English class.  I also have to work on my research project, study for two tests, work on other projects. I am so busy and I am hoping to have some time to rest.

Hopefully over the Christmas break I can get some new blog posts up and even some with pictures when my christmas present from my hubby. :)

Have a good one and I will talk to you all after Dec 12th. :)

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  1. Good luck with exams! I am right there with you friend :-/


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