Friday, November 9, 2012

Feeling Disconnected from Blogging & Twitter

I know that I have not been that active at all on the blogging front, let alone twitter. I am trying to figure out a good way to stay connected with those of you who read my blog, my tweets, and vice versa.

I just do not know how to do it all. I feel like a failure at times, but I know that I have to put forth the effort and time if I want to reap the rewards.

I know that my parents never told me life was easy.  But life intermixed with college, mom, wife, volunteer, blogging, and just being me is tougher than tough.

I have some stuff to do like :

  •  write an english paper,
  • a response paper on a book I  read,
  •  I have to finish said book,
  • I have to read another book and do a response paper on it,
  • I have do some work book exerciese
  • Study for exams
  • Study for tests

But for now I think I will just bask in the glow of having watched a movie with my hubby that has been on our to watch pile for a while.

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