Saturday, June 23, 2012

{Story Time} My Dad

A post that was made by Lacey yesterday reminded me of a story about my dad.

Back when my Dad was still alive, he loved helping people. If you needed to shirt off his back, he would give it to you. My Dad told this story often and I want to share it with you.

One day my Dad was at a fast food chain getting breakfast and he saw a homeless man.  This fast food chain asked the homeless man to leave.  There was hardly anyone inside the fast food chain's dining area. It was a cold winter day and my dad asked the homeless man when was the last time he had eaten. The homeless man couldn't tell him, so my dad told this man to order whatever he wanted and that he would pay for it.  The look on the homeless mans face, on the fast food chain employees fast were of uttershock.  The homeless man just wanted a cup of coffee.  So my dad bought him a cup of coffee and also had them give him a biscuit.  My dad told the fast food chain employee that as long as he was in this establishment, that the homeless man should have his coffee refilled.

The homeless man thanked my dad. My dad also gave him a ten dollar bill and told him to buy himself some lunch.

What kind of Story do you have?

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