Friday, June 22, 2012


Thank Goodness It's Friday!!!

I am thankful that it is friday for two reasons.

1. Husby was able to take the day off, so he gets a three day weekend. {score}
2.  My boys are back home once again after visiting their Grandma J {My mom} for a couple days.

When my boys leave to go visit my mom, I am always glad to see them go, but by the next day I am missing them like crazy. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my boys, but with it being summer time, we are not really getting any breaks from each other.  They are both very stubborn, and loving kids.

I am very grateful that for the past 11 years, my mom has been able to spend a few days a month with the boys every month.  She never gets them seperately, as she does not think that is fair to either of them. When they go to her house, she always has fun things for them to do and she lets them get away with just about anything. But isn't that what grandparents do?

Usually by the second day, my youngest is ready to come home. He will get up that morning and be ready to come home. It makes me laugh.

Atleast when we move to Florida in a few years, we will be leaving near husby's parents so they can enjoy the boys like my mom and stepdad have these past 11+ years.



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