Sunday, December 16, 2012

Domain name in the future..

For those new to my blog, I plan to do a domain change as soon as this one is close to renewal.  My reason is that once July 1, 2015 comes around, I will no longer be a military wife. I will be a retiree wife. But 2015 will be bringing lots of changes for my family and I want to go ahead and start making plans now for those changes.

We will be moving from North Carolina down to Florida. We will be leaving my parents and joining his down in Florida along with his siblings and their kids.

I am an only child, so once my mom and dad2 aka stepdad are gone, I will not really have any family left that I really count. So when we were deciding where we wanted to retire, we at first chose Texas. That is where he calls home for the most part. But since we both would have no close family there, we decided it would be better to move to a place where we had family we could rely on.

So with all that said, I plan to make changes sometime next year.  I am still debating on the domain name and all that comes along with it.

The blog will still be about my family, I will share the link with my parents *shudders* lol,  I will talk about the changes, as well as posting pictures.

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