Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Military Life} Air Force Key Spouse

As I have posted before I have recently taken the Key Spouse training. Here is what a Key Spouse is :

A Key Spouse is a spouse of someone in the Air Force who is the go between for the families and the command. A Key spouse helps inform the families of programs, events, and other things that are going on base wide.

The Key Spouse program is a "commander" sponsored program. This means that the commander along with his or her spouse runs the program. It is their vision that helps makes this program great.

Each commander is different, there are times with the commander is single, so this is when the leadership for the spouses is delegated to someone else but the commander is still very active in the program.

Each base or post has its own programs for the families. A program our base has is called the "Hearts Apart" program. This program is for when the spouses are deployed or temporarily assigned to a different location for more than thirty days. The program is basically a luncheon or maybe dinner somewhere for deployed spouses so they can be around other spouses that are in their shoes.

I am not an expert or anything on the Key spouse program at all. If you are a air force spouse and interested in this program, you need to call your Airman and Family Readiness Center to find out when your base has its next training session.  You would also need to contact the mentor key spouse so they can let you know what you have to do in order to be a key spouse and what the particular unit requires of their key spouses.

Being a key spouse is an amazing opportunity, as you get to help your spouses unit and help the spouses.

**Disclaimer: This post is not DOD affliated or sponsored. This post is not Air Force affliated or sponosored. This post was written so that people who may not know about the program can learn a little bit about one of the programs the Air Force offers for the spouses. Everything in this post is my opinion or knowledge.

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  1. This sounds like such a great program. Good for you for getting involved!


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