Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hump Day!

Today was my first day back from Fall break. It really was not a break at all.It was just two extra days off.  Though I will say having both of my classes cancelled on Friday was pretty awesome.

I am ready for this term to be over with. I am actually ready to be done with college but I have 2 years left. UGH!

Anyways, I had a pretty decent weekend with the family. Hubs and I went to see a movie on Saturday night since my mom had the boys. We went to see Looper, talk about crazy movie. Has anyone else seen it?

Then on Sunday we had to pick up the boys from my moms. They always have a good time with Grandma. I know they are going to miss her when we move in a couple years.

On Monday, I had to run an errand then spent about four hours with our old neighbor, who is like a 2nd mom to me. She has been having a rough time of it, so prayers for Mama C would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, I think that is about it.  I do have some planned posts coming up, I just have to add content. They are saved as drafts though, so I am working on it. :)

Have a great day!!

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