Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting to know me...

I thought I would make a quick little facts post about myself for new readers. If there is something you want to know, feel free to e-mail me at {}. Now lets get on with the fun facts.

1. My birthday is this coming week, well 9/23 to be exact.
2. I will be 33 on this birthday. Yes, I am still counting. :)
3. I ♥ to shop!
4. I always have a book near me.
5. My favorite season is fall.
6. I love chocolate.
7. I met my husband on the internet back in 2000. We married shortly there after.
8. I love making new friends.
9. I love animals.
10. I like doing crafts, though I have not really been inspired here lately. :(

I think those little facts will do for now. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!

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  1. HI Niki! Thx so much for stopping by my blog! Nice to meet you. I just turned 33 too! And I absolutely always have several books within reach! :)


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