Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!

I hope everyone is doing well, we are doing pretty good. I weighed in this past Sunday and found out I had lost 6.2lbs. I was super happy about that. So now I am mid-week of week 2 and doing well with my exercises. I am doing 70 crunches and walking 1.2 miles five times a week. I walked Sunday and Monday. I didn't walk yesterday so I gotta walk today, thursday, and Friday. Next week my baby will be turning 8 yrs old! I can't believe it! We are celebrating the weekend before since both of my babies will be returning from a weekend visit with my mom. Brendan has chosen to have homemade sloppy joes as his birthday meal. :) I am going to either get two small cakes or a medium one. We will see what the store bakery has available when I go get it either Saturday or Sunday. I think I will go make my breakfast and grab another book to read.

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