Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Friday..

Today marks a week since my kids went to school. I can't believe summer is upon us.  This week we honestly have not done a lot and I feel really embarrassed by that admission.

This week has just been full of being lazy, just staring at the tv on the wall, and napping a lot. I know this has to do with my "funk" that I have been going through.

I have decided that next week I will be setting my alarm for 8am to get up and get started with my day. I will be compiling a to do list for each day and hopefully have a few blog posts to add  each week.  I do not have too much longer till I am back in school.

My first day back will be August 20th, so I have 65 days till then.
 H-O-L-Y *  M-O-L-Y!

I know should set my alarm for earlier but I will do that once July 20th comes around and start making myself get up earlier so that I am on schedule by the 1st day back.

I think I am going to close up for now, I hope to have some new posts up next week. Be sure to look up for Sunday Social link up on Sunday. :)


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