Friday, November 23, 2012

It's the day after thanksgiving..

I wanted to drop by and make a quick post before I force myself to do some schoolwork. I have been gone all afternoon and this morning I was not feeling like messing with school work. So here I sit trying to get this entry typed up right quick.

My thanksgiving was nice. The family and I drove up to my mom and dad's house. My aunt and her boyfriend got there shortly after we did.

My dad did the turkey in an oil-less fryer. Everyone but me ate some of it. I just did not feel like eating turkey so I had a little ham instead.

I did not eat as much as I normally do on Thanksgiving.

The boys stayed with my parents and we will pick them up on Sunday. The hubby and I are having a date weekend.

Today we went to see the new James Bond movie Skyfall it was really good.

Well I better get to the school work,so I will check back in soon. :) 

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  1. An oilless fryer? I'm intrigued! And jealous you saw Skyfall, Tyler and I NEED a date night to go see it!


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