Monday, September 3, 2012

Seeking Inspiration....

I apologize in advance for this blog post being all over the place.

I am sitting on my couch, typing on my laptop, and really wanting update this blog. But I am so not feeling inspired to blog.
So I am just here, not really having a "plan" of what I want to say exactly.
This really saddens me.
I love writing. I just cannot find my inspiration. I thought I had some ideas but I never wrote them down. So I have no clue what they were.
I use to love to blog, but here lately I feel like I have no time left because of everything that is already on my full plate.
My Plate:
- Take care of the kids and getting them off to school.
- Taking care of the dog & cat.
- Taking care of myself (shower, food, exercise).
- Taking care of my family duties (cooking, laundry, homework help, bills, anything else that needs my attention).
- Taking care of the house
- Taking care of any "fires" that may occur on a daily basis.

So as you can see, my plate is overflowing at times depending on the day. Hopefully I will find inspiration and be able to blog more than once in a blue moon.

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