Monday, September 17, 2012

Not Perfect

I have never claimed to be perfect. But I will tell you that my life is close to perfection. I have an AMAZING husband who treats me well. I have two of the most funny, adorable, and loving boys in the world.

So many times I have heard people complain about their lives and I just want to shake some sense in to them. If a person would really sit down and look at their life, they would see how good they do have it.

Recently a house burnt down up the road from me. I feel so bad for that family, as I have been in their shoes. When I was a kid my house burnt down. My dad had been recuperating from back surgery and had let the house insurance lapse. Well we had went out of town the day our house burnt down so we were lucky.

We were blessed to live in a community that helped out. The local volunteer fire department collected toys for me to have to play with. Ladies from the church we had not visited in a while took me clothes shopping. Families donated time and money to help my dad rebuild the house.

"Life is not always full of sunshine, rainbows, and fluffy unicorns but you have to look at the amazing gifts that are given to you. After all, life is so precious, possessions are not."- Niki A.

As far as I know, no one else has ever said this quote, I totally just came up with it. But if someone else said it BEFORE I did, I will gladly give them credit.

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