Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Speed Dating Link Up

This Little Momma

The idea behind this link up is to expand a little bit more about yourself and sort of an update on the about me page and whatever else you may want to post.

1. Been married 12 yrs on 6-1-2012.. I still can't believe I have been married that long. It does not seem like it has been that long since I went to the court house with the hubby to be.

2. I am going to college for my BAS in Political Science with a minor in legal studies. I am a sophmore.

3. I already have my AAS in Legal Studies.

4. I hope to one day have a book published.

5. I am really looking forward to moving to Florida in 2015.

6. I have met one bloggy friend friend in person, that was thanks "Wives of Faith"'s Survivial Sister Program.

7. I recently colored my hair with the help of DH.

8. I love getting e-mails {areallifemilwifeblog[at]gmail.com}

9. I am blessed with two amazing boys. My {oldest} Sebastian will be 11 yrs old in October. He was diagnosed with high functioning Autism in March of 2005. He also has ADHD. He will be in the 5th grade come Fall of 2012. He is in a mainstream class room and makes awesome grades. My {baby} Brendan will be 8 yrs old in August. He was diagnose with ADHD in May of 2009.

10. We have a kitty named Punky Brewster.

11. I love being pampered.


  1. How awesome that you want to publish a book! Isn't meeting bloggy friends the best?!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. oh i really love this! makes it so much easier to get to know you :) i love your kids names.. we are expecting a little man in october and i am all about the boys names right now :)

    please stop on by:

  3. One of my "life goals" is also to publish a book. I have about 10,000 ideas for what it will be about and pages full where I just jot down things that come to mind. I guess one day I'll sit down, sort it all out, and make a decision about a subject :)

    It was nice to "meet" you!


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